Natural and effective herbal medicine

Kate Sassi is a highly-qualified professional medical herbalist working in Southwell near Nottingham in Nottinghamshire.

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Plants are the original medicines and the chemical compounds within them have many medicinal and health-enhancing actions. The botanical extracts used by modern herbalists are safe, pure and work with your body to both relieve and prevent symptoms and restore full health.

Modern herbal medicine uses pure plant extracts to treat not only a wide variety of conditions but also the patient as an individual. No two people are the same and neither are their ailments, even if they have been given the same diagnosis. So, a professional medical herbalist will make up a prescription, using natural plant medicines, that is unique to you.

What is herbal medicine?

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Herbal medicines are the original medicines and many modern pharmaceutical preparations are derived from plants, including pain-killers and cancer treatments.

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My Qualifications

Kate is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists

I am a fully qualified, professional Medical Herbalist and member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. I have a BSc degree in Herbal Medicine and I also have a degree in Social Psychology. I am the mother of three teenage boys and live with my family in the Nottinghamshire town of Southwell.

Conditions Treated

Herbal medicine can be used to treat a very wide variety of conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, depression, menopausal problems, irritable bowel and other digestive problems, painful periods, migraines, headaches, eczema and other skin problems, urinary infections, infertility and many, many other conditions.

Here are some conditions that can be treated herbally.